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Rose Gold Tea Strainer

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If you're like me and and you hate leftover herbs floating around in your tea then this is the tool for you. Make your tea per usual and strain into a new cup using our rose gold strainer. Set perfectly on top of most size mugs and is dishwasher safe

How to use

Directions: Add one serving to your tea diffuser. Boil 1 cup of water and steep tea for 5-10 mins. (steep longer for stronger effects and taste!)


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Our Mission

All of our beautiful blends are homemade with lots of love! It is my goal to educate and spread knowledge of how beneficial a simple cup of tea can be to our overall health. Herbs and teas have been used for centuries to cure all kinds of problems. Not only that, it also brings a sense of comfort and calmness to any space. Do not underestimate the power of tea!